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-The Road to Home (2015) – the story of Benny Wenda
-Forgotten Bird of Paradise (2009) – YouTube, updated version: 2012
West Papua -
-The Secret War in Asia (2007) – West Papuan refugees in Papua New Guinea, history of their annexation, and exploitation of natural resources
-Punks for West Papua (2016)
Papua Merdeka (2002) – “Explaining the 40 years of human rights abuses and the determined struggle for freedom of the Papuan people”
-Act of No Choice (2019) – focuses on the referendum
-Run It Straight (2016) – the Maori Community
-Isolated (2013) – follows the story of five surfers in Papua New Guinea
-West Papua - A Journey To Freedom (2011) – encapsulates the activism and story of Herman Wainggai
-Strange Birds in Paradise - A West Papuan Story (2010)
-Everything can be burnt - West Papua in the Jokowi Era (2016) – interview and video report by Radio New Zealand
-Jennifer Robinson and Benny Wenda - TEDx Sydney (2013)
-Benny Wenda - Oslo Freedom Forum (2012)
-Goodbye Indonesia - People and Power (Al Jazeera English, 2013)
-Land of the Morning Star (Papua Merdeka, 2012)
-Witness - Pride of Warriors (Al Jazeera English, 2010)


-Benny and Maria Wenda perform traditional West Papuan music with their children as the Lani Singers
“Ninalik Ndawi” (Freedom Song)
“Ninalik Arirak” (Struggle for Freedom)
-“Merdeka” – a compilation featuring artists from 17 countries around the world
-“Sounds Like Freedom 2” – “The second of fPcN’s series of CDs featuring freedom songs and sounds, from West Papua. Recorded on covert missions to help the tribal peoples of West Papua resist.”
-“Rize of the Morning Star vol 1” – a compilation featuring Blue King Brown, John Butler Trio, Airileke, George Telek, O-Shen, and Michael Franti
-“Rize of the Morning Star vol 2” – a compilation featuring Arnold Ap, Yothu Yindi, Tabura, King Kapisi, Blue King Brown, Soul Jay, and Rutsman Spice


-See No Evil: New Zealand’s Betrayal of the People of West Papua – Maire Leadbeater
-Freedom in Entangled Worlds – Eben Kirksey
-Merdeka & the Morning Star: Civil Resistance in West Papua – Jason MacLeod
-As If We’re Half Animals - Filep Karma

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